Oromia, Ethiopia.
    Native from West Arusi.
   2,000 – 2,300 msnm.
   Caramelo, mandarina, té verde.



Le recomendamos que muela los granos de café usted mismo antes de cada cocción. Los pre-molidos pierde n su calidad y sabor mucho más rápido y no dejan espacio para el ajuste del molido y las preferencias del personal.

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Nansebo is located west of the Bale Mountains, it is not a very well-known area but it grows coffees with citrus and spicy notes. The rivers of Bale pass through Nansebo to Bensa, providing a lot of water to a very fertile land. Because the traceability in Ethiopian coffees is complicated as it is marketed through the ECX organization, we can assure you that it is a Nansebo since it has its flavor and character. The supplier Fekadu Haile Damtie sold this coffee to the ECX, where it was auctioned and bought by our importer. At the head of the importing company is Heleanna Georgalis, who since 2008 has been immersed in the third wave of coffee, caring first-hand for the quality of the coffee she exports. Heleanna always emphasizes that Ethiopia is “the cardle” and while many Ethiopian coffees we come across are Heirloom coffees, that does not define the variety itself but it is generic. The variety is named after the area where it grows and where it has been growing for years, it must have the characteristic flavors of the area. It is a Semi-Forest Coffee that grows under the shade and it is taken care of by the farmers who live in the area, which is why it not completely wild grown coffee.

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