Nyeri, Kenya.
    SL34 & SL28.
   1,800 – 2,200 msnm.
   Floral, Blood Orange, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate.



We highly recommend that you grind the beans yourself prior to every brew. Pre-grounded loses its quality and taste much faster and leave no room for ground adjustment and personnel preferences.

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Ndaorini is a region of Central Kenya that belongs to the Dyer of Nyeri. In Swahili language, Ndaroini is a place where people can rest during the night. This name applied to the small owners of Ndaroini who traveled long distances to deliver their cherries to the neighboring Gichathaini washing station. Coffees are normally produced by a group of small producers that belong to the Gikanda Producers Association. However, This particular batch belongs to a small producer who cultivates less than one hectarea and who controls the processing meticulously to achieve the desired quality. The type of soil on which this coffee grows is red volcanic. It is known for its fertility due to its organic richness and good drainage. During the harvest. The producer makes a selective collection of ripe cherries by Hand-Picking method and then they are delivered to the wet mill of Ndaroini on the same day. Cherries are sorted by hand before pulping and then fermentation takes place between 12 and 16 hours, After that, washing and drying in raised beds takes place.

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