Yungas Aymara


    La Paz, Bolivia.
    Red Caturra, Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra and Typica.
    1660 msnm.
   Mango, Peach, Caramel and Milk-Chocolate
    Espresso & Filter.



Le recomendamos que muela los granos de café usted mismo antes de cada cocción. Los pre-molidos pierde n su calidad y sabor mucho más rápido y no dejan espacio para el ajuste del molido y las preferencias del personal.

Tenga en cuenta que si elige 1 kg tendrá que hacer un pedido anticipado para poder comprar este producto.


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In Quechua language, Yungas means “Warm of Earth”. 90% of Bolivian coffee production comes from this region. The area consists of a band of forest covering the area between La Paz city to the Amazon Forest. It has a tropical, rainy and warm climate which helps a lot with coffee production. Mario Fernandez, Feliza Mamani, Nicolas Colque, Nolberto Mamani and Mauricio Mamani are the 5 producers who decided to join forces and work together to produce a higher quality and organically certified coffee. Their coffee is a mix of 4 varietals that are produced in the same region Red Caturra, Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra and Typica producing a Balanced, buttery like cup with hints of Milk-Chocolate. Transporting this coffee is one of it’s biggest challenges. Having to pass through the Yungas Road which is also called “Road of Death”. The road links La Paz city to Coroico on 80 kilometers. The road was built by Paraguayan inmates in 1930 during the war. 3600 meters above sea level, this road is well known for its extreme dangerousness causing 250 travelers’ deaths every year.


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