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    Serra da Mantiqueira, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    Yellow Bourbon.
    Espresso & Filter.
   1,195 – 1,282 msnm.
    Tropical fruits, caramel, juice. 


Le recomendamos que muela los granos de café usted mismo antes de cada cocción. Los pre-molidos pierde n su calidad y sabor mucho más rápido y no dejan espacio para el ajuste del molido y las preferencias del personal.

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The Rio Verde farm is located along the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains, in TupiGuarani. It was created and managed from 1887-2002 by the Gomes Fernandes family, which founded Ipanema Coffees that acquired the farm in 2008. Rio Verde covers over 1,500 hectares, over 620 hectares are dedicated to coffee production in 32 different micro-terroirs. This specific coffee terroir that produce this coffee uses a technique where the coffee cherry is left to dry naturally on the coffee trees, a technique used also for wine called “late harvest”. On these 32 plots, each variety is isolated and harvested selectively and by lots. The cherries are taken to the mill within 6 hours. Since 2016, Ipanema Coffees has been carrying out numerous tests at the farm to improve its drying methods. The company has built 2,000 sqm of African beds and an 800 sqm covered patio and the harvesting methods have been refined with the introduction of a Q Grader cupping panel. With its 32 micro-terroirs, 3 harvesting models, 2 preparation methods and numerous drying techniques, the farm can produce various cup profiles.

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