El Xalum


    Amatitlan, Guatemala.
   Red Bourbon.
    1450 – 1555 msms.
    Canela, albaricoque, caramelo.
    Espresso & Filter.



Le recomendamos que muela los granos de café usted mismo antes de cada cocción. Los pre-molidos pierde n su calidad y sabor mucho más rápido y no dejan espacio para el ajuste del molido y las preferencias del personal.

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que si elige 1 kg. Tendrá que hacer un pedido previo para poder comprar este producto.


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Coming from Czech Republic, Christian Starry and his family settled in Guatemala four generations ago to produce coffee, coming from cactus production and diversified to livestock, coffee, corn, beans and various vegetables until 1995, the year when they focused only in coffee. Particularly interested in processes, Christian Junior embarked on the family adventure in 2013 where he managed the washing station built at the farm the same year. Natural, fully-washed and honey coffees are dried there on large patios. This microlot of Red Bourbon is prepared naturally and gives a beautiful spicy cup with notes of cinnamon.


Peso 1 kg

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