Kayanza, Burundi
  1,650 – 2,000 msnm
   Red fruits, citrus’ zest, milk-chocolate


We highly recommend that you grind the beans yourself prior to every brew. Pre-grounded loses its quality and taste much faster and leave no room for ground adjustment and personnel preferences.

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In Burundi coffee is a major contributor to the economy and a main source of income to many families who depend on the industry. Coffee contributes to 30% of the countries exports. Burundi is a small country that produces mainly Arabica coffee from Bourbon variety and washed process. Grown at high altitudes and is often characterized by a bright acidity and pleasant notes of citrus, which is particularly the case of Kayanza region. The coffee sector mainly consists of small producers who own between 50-200 trees, selling their cherries to wet mills which prepare the coffees to be exported. This coffee is prepared and sun-dried on African beds by Ramadhan Salum, entrepreneur and producer, who has invested to set up several wet mills in Kayanza .

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Process method

Natural, Washed



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