Shakiso, Guji, Ethiopia.
   2,100 – 2,200 msnm.
     Floral, tropical fruits, mandarin.
      Espresso & Filter.



We highly recommend that you grind the beans yourself prior to every brew. Pre-grounded loses its quality and taste much faster and leave no room for ground adjustment and personnel preferences.

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The village of Hangadhi is located a few kilometres from the town of Shakisso, in the Guji area, which is well known for its quality cofees. It is selected by the Guji Highland Coffee Plantation, a family business managed by Wadessa Yachisa, which has set up a drying station there with about 40 African beds, sourcing the coffee cherries from small farmers who work their plots exclusively by hand. It is a high-altitude coffee dried at the station in the village of Hangadhi that offers a fruity profile with pleasant citrus notes. The coffee is certified organic, in recognition of a local ancient know-how that is respectful of people and of the environment. The Guji Highland Coffee Plantation has recently acquired 45 hectares of coffee plantations in Hangadhi where also the company is raising its quality requirements while maintaining agricultural practices that respect the biodiversity

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