Mococa, Mogiana, Brazil.
   Catuai, Obata, Mundo Novo and Icatu.
    1,200 msnm.
   Nuts, Cocoa, Milk Chocolate



We highly recommend that you grind the beans yourself prior to every brew. Pre-grounded loses its quality and taste much faster and leave no room for ground adjustment and personnel preferences.

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This coffee is the production result of 14 small sized family farmers project (8-10 hectares on average) along the Anhumas Valley. Located near the city of Mococa. This growing project is open to include new farms from the valley every year as long as they take part in their shared sustainable approach. The region of Mogiana is one of the most known regions in Brazil to produce coffee. It is in this area that the first coffee farm was founded in 1817 in the Paraiba Valley. In Sao Paulo state where Mogiana is one of the main two regions of coffee production. Anhumas coffee is a varietal blend mainly composed of Catuai, Obata, Mundo Novo and Icatu. The coffee cherries are dried on patios which inhances this coffee with notes of tropical fruit.

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